Editing Dimension Lines


Is it possible to change the Dimension Lines of the Dimensions meassured in the drawing? For example, I would like the line which refers to a certain point to be just a short line and not a line which visually reaches all the way to the point measured. These lines make the drawing less clear (to many lines in the drawing itself).

I can’t find any options to change that in Dimension Style. The only way to get rid of the lines is to manually change them by double clicking on the measured line and changing the line with the blue dot. Hope there is a quicker solution to style your LayOut drawing.


Something like this?



I think the OP covered that in his last paragraph, didn’t he? He ie probably thinking of the kind of options you get in Autocad that allows you to alter things like line offsets globally.


Exactly that, but then I would like it to be a Dimension Style, so I won’t have to change the distance manually with each dimension.

It is also possible to use the Eye Drop tool, but then the distance the line is shortened is applied. So the end result is still not as tight as needed.



Here you see the end result I would like to have. But if you look closely, you can see that the lines are adjusted manually as they are not exactly alined.



This is the (one of the) standard outcome when using Dimension Styles. The lines are for me disturbing. Hope the problem is clear now.


Can anybody help me out, or is this just the way it has to be done (I refer to manually adjusting)? And if so, does anybody now a quick way to change all the dimension lines as shown in the above picture (first I uploaded)? The result I got costd me a lot of time. Using the sampler, the lines were exactly shortened as the ‘host’ line, and not all lines have the same lenght which resulted in a drawing with the dimension lines not lined up properly as required. Hope someone can help me out.


Chris, in your gif, how do you restrain the extension line in one plane when altering its length? I can’t find any way to do this - whenever I do this it will move off centre, losing the actual dimension. Dimensioning was a lot easier in LO2016, now its a lesson in frustration in SO 2018. Why can’t I move the dimension line in either direction anymore along the extension lines - it seems to be fixed for one direction only? Happy to be told I’m missing something.


I hope someone can help out. I don’t understand why there is no reply anymore. I value the comments of @DaveR a lot, but he pulled out of the discussion. All I need is a Dimension Style which automates the changes shown in the GIF of @ChrisDizon. It seems so obvious that this must be possible, but maybe I’m wrong about this. Hope someone can give a proper explanation. Thanks in advance!


It is possible . Put a request in the Sketchup section under Feature request.



If you want the change to the dimension to be a default for ALL your further work, you should make the modifications to one dimension and then set it for the dimension tool itself. From there, create a template that you can use on other projects.

Alternatively, you can create a template with all the different styled dimensions you might use. Have them placed away from the project sheet and sample them as needed.
(See the gif below)


… and yet another option would be to have all your styled dimensions set up in a scrapbook. When needed, drag the styled dimensions into the project and then sample like the example above.



An Update on my above Scrapbook idea.

You don’t need to drag the styled dimensions into your doc. Instead directly sample the style dimensions from the scrapbook itself!!