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I know there have been a lot of posts about dimensions; I may have missed it, but I didn’t see this question answered before.

When I take a dimension, the line begins a certain dimension away from the point that I clicked to measure from.

Is there a way to set it so that the line begins at a different point? The best way to explain this is with pictures.

In one picture, you can see some of the dimension lines are longer and extend into the model image, because that is where I took the dimension from.

In the other picture, I have edited the lines to all begin at the same point. This is what I would like to make happen automatically. Sometimes I create a rectangle to give myself a dimension point along the same latitude, but it would be nice to not have to use a workaround.

Currently there isn’t a way to do this automatically. You should need to create a rectangle or anything. Just edit the extension lines that need it and move their endpoints to align with the others.

That is what I currently do. Creating a rectangle is sometimes helpful in certain situations to avoid having to adjust the lines as you have demonstrated.

Change the Extension Lines setting to “Length” instead of “Gap” and set your length

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Oops! Forgot. It’s before my coffee.

Thanks @Anssi.

I am at my second afternoon cup.

You have a head start. :slight_smile: The sun isn’t even above the horizon here, yet.

Thank you!

I offer not a solution, just a comment.
I have worked in the casework industry for many years. I would say Layout is providing the accepted solutions for Dimensioning practices. The extension lines should have some location relationship to the dimensioning origin point.
What you are doing is more of an annotation rather than a dimension. I realize the cabinet industry is accustomed to their own practices. It makes the print clearer to those in the particular industry. Cabinet software such as KCDw; annotate the elevations in the manner you show.


Your comment is interesting to read and I’d love to learn more! I am having trouble understanding what cabinet software you’re referring to?

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