Removing dimension lines

I’ve inserted 3 rows of dimensions on my 2d floor plan. I would like to remove the long dimension lines which are cluttering the look. However when I double click the dimension I cannot see any edit menu, I can only change the font, colour ewrc, but not the fields to change the line length. Can anyone help?!

Dimensions can be moved using tools just like any other e titles. Try using the move tool. Also, can you post an image of what you are seeing and let us know exactly what you are hoping to see?

Where are you adding these dimensions? In SketchUp or in LayOut? Is it the dimension lines or the extension lines you don’t want to show?

Thanks - it’s in Sketch Up and it’s the verticle lines on to thew layout I want to shorten or remove, thanks

There isn’t any control over dimensions line appearance in SketchUp. You can change the style of the arrowheads and change the color along with the text color but that’s basically all there is. Do the dimensioning in LayOut. You can control the appearance of the dimension lines and the extension lines to suit.

I expect that means the extension lines.

Invisible extension lines in LayOut.

I edited the extensions lines to make them transparent.

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