Remove extension lines

There’s got to be a way and I’ve researched this and clicked around but couldn’t find how to actually delete or get rid of the extension lines when you create a dimension.

Too much clutter and I’d like to just have my arrows showing the length.

Thanks for the helpCapture

You can’t remove the extension lines without removing the connection of the dimension to the model or drawing. You could change the color of the extension lines to white so they don’t show or adjust the gaps so they are large enough but you may need to adjust the gaps differently for different dimensions.

You’ll note that changing the length of the extension lines leaves a mark at one end of the dimension line. You can see that in mihai’s animation and below. Changing the color of the extension lines to white leaves only the dimension arrow and dimension text as in the right, below.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Make. Please update it to show the correct version.

Thanks for the tip - I had figured out the first reply, changing the length but like you mentioned it leaves a little dash. Changing it to white takes care of that problem…good idea thanks.

I think I updated my profile properly, if not let me know and I will click around again.

Glad that suggestion works for you.

Looks like you’ve got it all except the graphics card.