Layout dimension extension lines

I am unable to find a video or article that addresses this issue of Dimension Extension Lines (I believe that is what they are called). After adding my Dimensions, I am finding a display of dashed lines deep within my model. My attempt to remove or alter (can not erase) those dashed lines is not working. Thoughts? See attached.

Hi Danielle, It looks like you’ve selected a dashed style for the dimensions. Do you have them all on their own layer in LayOut? If so you can lock all the other layers and drag a selection box over the page to select only the dimensions. Once the dimensions are selected, you can change the dashes back to solid lines in Shape Style.

LayOut has two different ways to define the length of the extension lines. “Length” does just that, it draws lines with a defined (paper) length from the dimension line. Yours are set quite long at 3"(about 76 mm). I generally use something like 2…3 mm that leaves the line as a tick mark. Selecting “Gap”, on the other hand, draws the extension lines starting from a defined distance from the point being dimensioned. Here, the upper line has “Length” set to 2 mm, and the lower “Gap” to 1 mm

Thanks Dave! I made the change and it looks like that may have fixed the issue. 99% done and ready to turn in…mostly. Best, Danielle

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I see the issue now. Thank you! Danielle