Extension lines on dims

I am working on a Mac.
I am trying to save a new template. I would like to have tick marks on my dimensions lines.
I don’t know how to find these tick marks.
I don’t know how to save them in my template.

If anyone can help my, I will be happy.

When I’m creating a new template I first make a sample dimension to edit. With it selected, go to Shape Style and choose whatever you want for the arrows. Also set the size and the dimension appearance/text placement/units.

FWIW, the tick marks or slashes are added to the ends of the dimension line, not the extension lines.

After you have the dimension looking like you want it, get the Dimension tool, tap S, sample the modified dimension, and then place another one just to confirm it’s the way you want it. Then delete both dimensions before saving your template.

Please correct your forum profile. SketchUp for Schools is web based and used by school children. It does not include LayOut.

Which reminds me to ask, while we are taking about dimensions - @DaveR - how do you change the length of the perpendicular to the dimension line here in red?

Double click into the dimension so you can select the extension line. Then change the End Arrow size in Shape Style. Repeat for the other extension line.

Note that you can do all kinds of stuff with the extension lines. Edit the color of them and make them transparent if you don’t want them visible. Make them dashed and red is that’s appropriate. Make one blue and the other pink. Or …

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Thank you for your help, but how do I save my new dimension style? I click file, and save. Nothing is saved?

When I draw a new line and will dimension the line, layout goes back to the original dimension type.

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You need to sample the new dimension line with the eye dropper. Then draw a new dimension.

You’ll need to save a template in LayOut in order the use the style again in a new drawing - you can set up all your line styles, dashes, font sizes and styles and dimensions, then save a template for later use.

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I did what you told me, all is fine now.

Thanks a lot for your help​:grinning::+1:

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Great. Check the post that was the solution so other people find it b

I used the Eyedropper to save my New dimension tool.
Then I saves my template.

Thanks for help😀

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This is a very good dimension tutorial:

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Thanks a lot for the video link. It was exactly what I was looking for. :grinning::+1:

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Thanks for the YouTube link. Matt’s always great and I learned a lot right there.

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Once you activate a tool and hover over an element in the scrapbook, you’ll notice how the cursor changes in the sampler, there is no need to go back and forth to the sample tool icon.
That’s why I keep my scrapbook on the left in a separate tray, so it’s closer to the tools.
Check this thread:

Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know that an email response would end up in the post. Perhaps not too clever of me ?

I don’t know either. Did you reply to an email notification? I’ve never done it that way, so I wouldn’t know. Maybe if you have a signature on your emails, it ends up in the post?

exactly that.
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