SketchUp Layout - how to make it so my dimension lines do not cross my drawing

I have created a technical drawing, however, I do not like the look of the dimension lines cutting through my drawing. Is there a way of shortening them so the lines do go across my drawing? I have tried to drag them to make them smaller but they just return to the same length.


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You can edit the extension lines so they don’t cross the model. Either select the dimension and type in new values for the gaps in the Dimension Style panel or double click into the dimension and move the end of the extension line (not the anchor point).

I moved the dimension upwards thank you!! worked like a charm but very time consuming haha!

If you are changing the gap values in the Dimensions window, you can edit several dimensions at once. You just need to select the ones you want to change.

Or, if you are manually changing them you can change one, then get the eye dropper tool from the toolbar, sample the modified dimensions and then apply that style to other dimensions.

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I have already done it manually haha! Will do that technique in the future - definitely quicker!