How to make a small dimension

Hello everyone
My dimension line are too long. How to make it shorter ?

On the dimensions tray at the bottom you have values boxes, those values control the distance of the lines, you must select the dimensions you want to edit first.

Matt’s deep dive video might help answer your layout dimension questions (it helped me when I was learning):

The Extension Lines setting in the Dimensions panel adjust the gap between the anchor points of the dimensions and the start of the extension line. End Arrow in the Shape Style panel changes the length of the extension line beyond the dimension line.
Once you’ve set up one the way you want it, get the eye dropper from the toolbar, click on the modified dimension and apply it to any other dimensions that need the same. Or get the Dimension tool, tap S, and then click on the adjusted dimension to apply the setting to new dimensions going forward.

Wow. Thank you soooo much. This is what i need.

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