Edit text in Layout

Please tell me what to do to edit text. Currently I click about 10 times in the text box to make i change from being moveable to editable and cant figure out what makes it editable.

You should be able to just double click and edit the text. Is there something in front of the text box that is preventing access to it? Can you share the LO file?

That works. Thanks. New question: how to edit dimension lines, I would like to remove the extension lines.


Right click on the dimension and explode it. Then you can delete the extension lines. You’ll need to add fill to the text box for the dimension.

isnt there a way to get a simple dimension design with ticks and measures. All the lines interfere with my drawing and it takes too much time to redesign the dimensions

You could edit the dimension and make the color of the extension lines transparent.

I see, but it takes too much time to change every single dimension that way.

Set up one dimension that way. Then use the eye dropper to sample the edited one and paint the style to the rest. In the future set up the dimension style before you start putting in dimensions.

Can I set up the dimension style once and for all and use in all future layouts?

Yes. As part of a template.

thanks, I will be back for some guidance on that, for now I have to finish my drawing. Thanks for your help.

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Good luck getting it finished up.