How can I put text in a dimension?


In sketchup it’s easy to edit the text in a dimension. But, how does one do this in layout? “Why would you want to do That?” you ask Humm.

A) when the dimension I made the model isn’t correct B) when I want to use it as sort of a label, like demarking which part of the model is existing and which is new.


How does one make large brackets to use in B) above instead of dimensions



Just double click the dimension, then you can edit dimension’s text.


How does that work? double right click? Double left click? I tried both with no luck - right click brings up a dialogue box left click divides the dimension in half.



Left Double click with Selection Tool (not a dimension tool), then you can double click text to edit.


It does seem though that you have to double click on an opaque pixel. Double clicking in the text area won’t work, unless you happen to be on top of a pixel in the text itself.


Ok. I have a wall I want to label “existing” using the dimension tool.
I use the dimension tool and pull off a dimension. It says10 ft’ If I use the right click button a dialogue box pops up about snaps etc. If I double left click, it generates a demarcation line in the middle of the dimension labeled 1/2.

If I use the select arrow, and select the text, the dimension appears in a blue box, and a blue L shape appears attached to it…

I can move the blue box independent of the blue L and drag it out of the way

if I double click the box, it changes direction to horizontal and I can enter text

Then I save it, and it flips back to what it was, and I have to drag it back to where it was.

Are you kidding?

Why not put a line in the popup window, like in SU - edit text or edit dimension?



You can change only dimension’s text contents. We can’t change dimension’s text position, because it is specified in the dimension style window.

If you don’t need dimension’s value, you can explode dimension by Selection Tool’s Right Click, dimension becomes just a Text and Lines.


Skill builder may have some info to help
Not directly related but maybe some ideas