Setting dimensions of objects

I’m new to this. I’ve just started tutorials (the screens do not seem to be the same as the tutorial but I can live with that). On Tutorial 2, in the beginning, there is a Dimension dialog where you are supposed to be able to edit dimensions. My dialog does not allow any editing. It’s read-only. I cannot seem to get it to take numbers.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to continue until this (and other dialogs that affect drawings) work properly. Can anyone assist in fixing this?

The screens are different because many, perhaps most, of the tutorials were made with earlier versions of SketchUp. And many tutorials show their author’s customization of the user interface - without explaining how to set your customization to match!

As far as the measurements box goes - don’t try to click in it! When you’re doing an action that allows entry of measurements, just start the action to indicate direction, then just type your measurements!

It isn’t always advisable to edit dimensions, but if you want to show a value that’s different from the actual distance represented by the dimension, you can double click it, then overtype what is there. But be aware that will disconnect the value from any change in the referenced geometry to which it refers.

If you want to add text to the dimensioned length, but keep the actual length value connected to the geometric distance and any subsequent changes in it, replace it by <> (that’s open angle bracket, close angle bracket) plus whatever text you want to add.

If it won’t open for editing by a double click, you have a problem with your installation of SU.

Try re-running the installer (exe file on Windows), but R-click on the file, and choose Run as Administrator, then Repair, and try again.

Best wishes for your learning curve.


Did you mean instead, the dialogue to customise dimensions in Window/Model info? This one, in SU 2017?

It will look slightly different on Windows, but contains much the same set of choice, I think.

@john_mcclenahan’s reply caused me to realize that there are two different things the OP may be referring to:

When you are using a tool that allows entry of specific measurements during geometry creation or alteration, there is a “Measurements” box (default position at the lower right edge of the window) whose name changes to “Dimensions” for some tools (I only tested the Rectangle tool).

There is also the “Dimension” tool which allows you to place dimensions visibly in your model.

My previous reply was in reference to Dimensions entered to define a geometry creation (or change). John’s was in reference to the Dimension tool.

My need is to set dimensions, not illustrate them. E.g. I am making a design that will use a board that is 2x6x10 I need to be able to set that rather than try to sketch it with a mouse.

Then use the Rectangle tool. Draw it roughly with the mouse, then without clicking in the Measurements box (which will change to say Dimensions), type the dimensions of the rectangle (i.e., length, width) separated by a comma (in US, UK) or a semicolon (in many other countries).

Then use the PushPull tool for the thickness: again, you can type the exact value you want, and again, just type, don’t click in the Measurements box.

If you STILL can’t get this to work, you have a problem with your installation of SU.

Then my reply above is the one most useful to you. Here’s more details for a board:

Start making a rectangle - make sure it’s in the plane you intend and is growing in the direction you want - then let go of the mouse and immediately (don’t hit <Enter>, don’t click in the “dimensions” box) begin typing your first two dimensions, separated by a comma (if your local number format uses a period to separate the whole and the fractional parts of a number) or a semicolon (if your local number format uses a comma to separate the whole and fractional parts of a number). Then - and only then - hit <Enter>. That creates your rectangle.

Next, select the face, then choose the “Push/Pull” tool. Move your mouse enough to define the direction you want to pull, then let go the mouse and immediately type your third dimension. Hit <Enter> a second time and you’ll have your board.

I highly recommend that you then triple click on the board you’ve created (thus selecting the entire geometry) followed by a right click (bringing up the Context menu) and making either a group or a component out of your board.

You beat me to it! But I’d already clicked on the button to commit my reply.

But you got the meaning first…

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Is it always in feet or can I include inches? And if I can include inches, do I have to convert to decimal?

I got it to work! Just type the dimensions! Not used to not clicking the dialog…that’ll take some time to get the hang of :blush:

How do I re-dimension an item once it’s drawn?

Easiest way? The Scale tool.

If your template or model is using Architectural or Fractional units, you can use one, two, or all three of feet, inches and fractions of inches. Use the ’ (single quote mark) to denote feet, and optionally, a double quote mark after inches (and after fraction, if used).

2’6 or 2’6"
3 1/4 or 3 1/4"

3’ 1/2, or 3’ 1/2" (three feet and half an inch)
31/64 or 31/64"

and so on…

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