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I am new to Sketchup, but have been using Solid Works for years. Simple question, When I draw a simple sketch like a rectangle and dimension it, I then double click the dimension to change it to what I want. But when I do, nothing happens to my sketch. The dimension changes but the sketch doesn’t change. What is going on?


unfortunately that’s not how sketchup works. You can begin to draw geometry and enter those values manually in the dimensions box (that becomes active) and then “enter” commits it. e.g, you can select rectangle tool, click to begin drawing it and then type dimensions separated by a comma, and then “enter” will commit it. With imperial measurements, it defaults to inchese unless you specify (’) for feet. you can either use decimal fractions or write as 3/8". Changing the values afterwards as you did will not update the geometry.
Window/model info/ units is where you can change measurement units and accuracy.


To change dimensions of a previously made object you will need to use one of the tools. The Scale tool will accept ratio (1.2 or .8) or absolute dimensions (12",6") , or you can move an individual line in which case the dimension you enter is the size of the move.


You can achieve what you wanted in a different way. If you have something that is currently 6 feet across, but really it should have been 9 feet across, you can use the tape measure tool. Click at one end of the line, then the other, then type 9’ enter. You will be asked if you want to resize the whole model. After that the dimension tool should show it to be 9 feet across.


Indeed, something does happen.
In changing the dimension text, the dimension becomes dis-associated from the geometry.
You can enable a feature that highlights non-associated dimensions.

With proper formatting, one can add additional text to a dimension and still retain it’s association with geometry.
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