Dimensions changing when setting width

Hello, I am pretty new at Sketchup. I am trying to create my bathroom in sketchup. I have set the length of a rectangle to 12 feet (12’) and im trying to change the width to 5 feet 1 (5’ 1). When using the measurement tool, it scales everything and changes the 12 feet. How can i make these adjustments?

First you have to draw a rectangle and then push/pull it to the depth you want.

You don’t use the measurement tool to change the dimensions of your geometry. It’s for measuring things, but can also be used to resize your entire model to meet a set scale. You don’t want to be doing that right now at all.

You need to start at the beginning and learn the core basics of creating 3D geometry in sketchup.

A good place to start is the SketchUp Fundamentals series of videos at learn.sketchup.com

(one example of how to)
Use the ‘Move’ tool to move just one edge to the appropriate position. Draw/mark that location first with the ‘Tape Measure’ tool by creating the guide at 5’ 1" from the opposite edge of the rectangle, see:

The scale tool will let you do it as long as you type the units.


Anyone else having problems typing units ’ and " to the ‘Measurements’ box for input when having the ‘Length Units’ set to something else, say to mm?

Like in my own and @Box’s example, I just can’t input even 12’ when units is set to mm, let alone 5’1 or 5’ 1 or 5’1" or 5’ 1"

@DaveR, I see what you do and it’s what I expected, (the way it worked for me in the past). But right now it’s just not accepting the unit symbols ’ and " if I don’t have the length units set that way.

I’m using a chromebook and up to date Chrome and SketchUp web free also up to date.

I wonder if it’s a Chrome OS thing or localization thing. What are you using for the separator between the dimensions?

I use , to separate dimension fields and . as decimal separator. As always in the past.
Did you use the PC or a Chromebook for that gif?

I did that on my PC.

So did @Box, I guess.

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@Mark , These symbols (keys and ") seem to be completely ignored on my Chromebook while typing input for the ‘Measurements’ box. Resulting in invalid lengths.

And here you see how tool(s) handle the ‘Measurements’ box info correctly when applied by dragging the tool cursor. See image and measurements corner down right.

I’d be inclined to call that a bug.

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