Change Dimension

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong. I’m trying to change the length of a rectangle using the tape measure. I can do this successfully, but when I change the width, the length reverts to the original. I had it in a group and exploded the group, and the same thing happened. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

What are you entering when you are trying to change the dimension?

The normal action is to measure clicking at each end of the line. Then type the dimension you want it to be and hit Enter. The rectangle should get scaled in both directions.

If you want the to change only one dimension of the rectangle, use the Move tool to move one edge or use the Scale tool.

Thanks very much. Using the tape measure is scaling. I’ll remember that.

Also note that you can use it to change the size of the entire model or, if you open a group or component for editing, scale only that group or the instances of the component.

DaveR, I have similar problem putting in my dimensions on a 2D template, there is no Value Control Box appearing. I have Windows Vista and am using Google SketchUp Vers. 6.0.515. How can I input my exact measurements?

Very likely the Measurements box is off screen. Maximize the SketchUp screen.

How do I maximize the SketchUp screen?

Click on the square icon between the _ and X in the upper right corner.

Thank you so very much for the above info. Now can you tell me how to show graph gridlines to appear?

There are no “graph gridlines” in SketchUp. They aren’t needed. But you can make them if you want using either construction lines placed with the Tape Measure tool or by making arrays of edges drawn with the Line tool.

Thank you so much for all your help today. You answered all my questions.

I am a newbie to SketchUP. I am trying to change the scale of the tape measure. For instance, I have a simple box which , using the tape measure, show it as 96 inches long. I want to change the scale to show it as 8 inches long. I have tried using the tape measure and then typing in 8" but it still shows as 96". What am I missing please?

If you click with the Tape measure tool at each end of the 96" long line and then type 8 and hit Enter, you should get a prompt asking you if you want to resize the model. Does that happen?

What units are you using? (Window>Model Info>Units)

Yes I tried that. When I click resize the model it shrinks the box to one twelfth the size I drew. The units are Format = fractional in inches and Precision = 1/64.

How about sharing the file? It would be much easier to give you a definitive answer if I could see it.

It should do that. If the camera is zoomed out so you could see a 98 in. long object and you’re now looking at an 8 in. long object, it should look smaller. You need to zoom in on the object.

It sounds to me as if you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what you are seeing in SketchUp. Under normal circumstances you will work at life size. That is, if you want something that is 8 in. long, you’ll draw it at 8 in. long. You’ll adjust the camera so you can see the object then.

It’s not a paper space sort of thing in which you need to set a scale before you start drawing. This is model space you’re working in. It’s more like real space.

If you want to resize to 8 feet, type 8’, not just 8.

96 inches is 8 feet. He said he wants to resize from 8 feet to 8 inches.

I was following the earlier part, where he said it was coming out as 1/12th of the size. Which is what would happen if you typed 8 instead of 8’. Can’t think why 96 wouldn’t work too.

@Colin, you’ll note he says:

The box was already 8 feet long… He wants it to be 8 inches long.

Dave, I think you understand my problem. How do I attach the file to the forum mail?