How to change dimension of one side only?

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I’m looking to find the solution for a very basic question (I suppose); I’ve already watched ±10 hours of Sketchup tutorials online but still can’t find how to do this simple thing :

When I draw a rectangle for example, how can I change the length of one side only ? When I choose the tape measure tool and click on the two points of the side I want to change and then enter the value I want (at the bottom of the screen), I’ve automatically got a pop-up opening saying “do you want to resize the model ?” and if I click ‘no’ nothing happens, if I click ‘yes’ it resize the entire thing keeping the proportions … (and basically I just want to change the length of one side only, then I won’t have a rectangle anymore btw …).

Same thing when I’ve got a rectangle that I draw on a pre-existing plan, it will resize the rectangle + the plan underneath (and again what I would like is to change one side only of my rectangle, just that simple … :smile: ).

I know it looks quite simple but I can’t find how to do that simple stuff even after many tutorials watched and google researches, but maybe that’s just me who’s completely dumb or I’m just missing something here … ? lol (I used to work a lot with a software called ‘Solidworks’ a few years ago, so maybe I’ve got a false approach here, even if Sketchup looks more simple to use).

Thank you per advance for your help, that would be really appreciated ! :smile:

Rusty From France.

You need to either use the scale tool to resize a single object or the move tool to move a side or corner of the rectangle. The tape measure tool resizes the entire model, not just the selection.

With the Move Tool, hover over a corner, and you can move just that corner.

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Thank you so much, that’s what I was looking for ! (the worst part is that I’ve used this tool ! but just to ‘move’ entities … lol)