Change dimensions of rectangle



How can I change the dimensions of a rectangle (or cube, circle or anything) by entering the values after the shape is drawn?

I know that, when drawing it I can just start typing 180 mm, but what about after it’s been drawn?


Ues the Move tool to move an edge the required distance. Or, use the Scale tool and enter the final length including the units.


Is there no way to type it in? The scale tool gives me a ratio rather than an absolute dimension.


See my GIF and comments, above.

And with the Scale tool, you can change both dimensions at once if you wish.


How are you changing the type of value? Mine only says Scale when I use the scale tool.


As I wrote before:

And here it is in SketchUp for Web.


I missed that last bit, adding the units. Thanks, it could well have taken my days to figure that out.


Glad it’s sorted. Keep in mind that while Scale works for resizing something like a simple rectangle or even a rectangular prism, it isn’'t always the appropriate tool for the job. Knowing how to use the Move tool for resizing is going to be useful, too.