Change dimensions of rectangle

How can I change the dimensions of a rectangle (or cube, circle or anything) by entering the values after the shape is drawn?

I know that, when drawing it I can just start typing 180 mm, but what about after it’s been drawn?

Ues the Move tool to move an edge the required distance. Or, use the Scale tool and enter the final length including the units.

Is there no way to type it in? The scale tool gives me a ratio rather than an absolute dimension.

See my GIF and comments, above.

And with the Scale tool, you can change both dimensions at once if you wish.

How are you changing the type of value? Mine only says Scale when I use the scale tool.

As I wrote before:

And here it is in SketchUp for Web.

I missed that last bit, adding the units. Thanks, it could well have taken my days to figure that out.


Glad it’s sorted. Keep in mind that while Scale works for resizing something like a simple rectangle or even a rectangular prism, it isn’'t always the appropriate tool for the job. Knowing how to use the Move tool for resizing is going to be useful, too.

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Sorry, it’s not working for me. I see the box in the corner but I can’t enter anything into it. I can select the rectangle, or a side of it, but I cannot enter anything in that box, with units or not. I also do not see measurements along the sides as you have in your GIF.

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Are you clicking in the Measurements window? If so, don’t!

You have to select the rectangle and start the Scaling operation as I did. Then let go of the mouse and type.

I used the Dimension tool to show the dimensions to prove that the end dimensions matched what I typed.

I haven’t seen a Measurements window yet. I can create a rectangle, select all of it or one side, and start typing but the dimensions I type aren’t changing the rectangle. The box in the corner changes from “dimensions” to “length” to “coordinates” seemingly at random. I have not seen the dimensions appear next to the shape itself as shown in the GIFs above.

The measurements window is in the lower right corner as shown in my GIF. If you aren’t seeing it, I suspect the bottom of the browser is off screen.

You can’t change the dimensions because that’s not how it works in SketchUp. If you know the dimensions you want for the rectangle, click and release to set the first corner. Move the mouse to drag out the rectangle in the general direction you want it. Let go of the mouse and type the dimensions. Before you start typing, look at what is displayed in the Measurements window (it should be labeld Dimensions at that poing. Make sure you use the same separator between the dimension that was shown before you started typing.

It changes the label based on what information it is displaying. It’s not changing at random.

As I wrote in my first reply to you, I added the dimensions on the rectangle. I used the Dimension tool to do that. They aren’t normally displayed. I just did it so the person I made the GIF for could see that the dimensions I was entering actually were applied to the rectangle when I scaled it.

Got it thanks - I created my 8 foot square although I still don’t see the measurements displayed next to each side as you do - need to find that setting

For the third time, you need to add the dimensions next to it using the Dimension Tool. I showed adding those dimensions in my last GIF. Don’t add dimensions just to add dimensions, though. They will clutter your model. Save dimensioning until you need to show dimensions to someone else or for a plan.

I also seem to have skewed the object so it no longer lines up with the X Y Z axes:


You’re looking at the model in perspective so the lines run off to vanishing points on the horizon. What I see in your screen shot shows a rectangle aligned with the red and green axes. Orbit the camera up to a higher viewpoint and the perspective will be less noticeable.

It would be a good idea to spend some time watching the videos in the SketchUp Fundamentals.

And while I appreciate the help Dave, saying stuff like “for the third time” is a bit rude and unnecessary. I’m learning as fast I can. Adding dimensions vs. merely displaying them seem to be two different tasks to me - still sorting that out.

Sorry.It wasn’t meant to be rude. It just seems like you’ve ignored what I’ve written multiple times. I’ll stand down now.

Not ignored - just didn’t understand. I’ll check out the fundamentals. Thanks again. PS - I see now how the dimension tool simply adds that markup to what you’re drawing. I can see how that could get cluttered though. Ok I’m off to the races…