Changing Dimensions

I’m a new user and am trying to make a model of a small hall table to learn sketchup. I have successfully drawn a rectangle (exciting, I know!) but when I entered the dimensions, I flipped the last digits of the dimensions. Is there an easy way to resize the rectangle? Everything I try to do seems to add an additional rectangle to the original one. I know that it would just be easier to start over again, but should I have gotten myself deeper into the model It would be good to know how to make adjustments.



Just draw the rectangle. Don’t try to size it exactly. Then just type in the dimensions separated by a comma or a semi-colon, depending on where in the world you are located (thus: 24",36"). Do not try to enter the dimensions into the Measurements Box, but just type. If your units are set to inches already, then you don’t need to type in the " notation symbol at all.

The rectangle will automatically be sized to the dimensions that you type.

Adding to JVL’s advice…

Once you exit the Rectangle tool notice the Measurements Box is no longer active.
Fortunately, the Scale tool also accepts dimensional keyboard input just like other drawing/modification tools.