How do I type in the dimension box when making rectangles?



I recently decided to get back into sketchup after a multi-year break from the program. I recall being able to select the dimension box when making shapes, and then being able to physically alter the dimensions. Now that I am back, I am unable to do so. Previously I was using sketchup Make and now I am on the web version. (though i would prefer the download version)

Any help would be appreciated.


When creating a Rectangle with the Rectangle tool, you start drawing the rectangle, let go of the mouse and type the dimensions in the form a,b or a;b depending upon what you use as a decimal separator. Do not click in the measurements window. There’s actually never any need to click in the box. As long as you don’t start another rectangle or pick another tool, you can change the dimensions of the rectangle by retyping the dimensions and hitting Enter.

You can’t just select an existing rectangle and type new dimensions for it. You can resize the rectangle by moving edges or using the Scale tool but you need to manipulate the edges to make the change.


how do I add inches to the dimension? I am attempting to create a shape with feet and inches


It depends upon the units you have selected for the model but most likely you would use something like 8’6 or 8’6". Generally the inches unit is understood so you don’t need to type the ".

Look at the way the dimensions are displayed in the measurements box. You can’t go wrong if you type your own dimensions in the same format.



Thanks a lot. Problem solved!


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