Changing Dimensions - Can't Type In Entry

I’ve searched the forums and this topic has been discussed, but I’m still struggling. I want to create shapes (like rectangles) and then edit for precise dimensions. Here’s the steps I’m following and the hang-up:

  1. Select rectangle tool.
  2. Click mouse at start point and let go.
  3. Drag mouse to approximate dimensions close to what I want (it’s really hard to get exactly on with too much moving around).
  4. Click mouse again to create the shape.
  5. Click in the dimensions box at lower right to type in dimension = FAIL. That box will not let me type in it. I’ve clicked in it, double clicked, and even used my tab key to highlight it. I can’t type there to change the dimensions.

So, is this an issue with SketchUp Free web-based? As in, you can only type dimensions on paid products. Or, is it a browser issue? I’m using Google Chrome.

Thank you!

No. This is strictly a user error.

This is your problem. Do not click in the Dimension box. There is never any reason to click in that box. Drag out the rectangle, let go of the mouse and just type.

If you want to change the dimensions of the rectangle later, you need to either use the Move or the Scale tool.

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You also do not need this step. Click to start shape, drag in a direction, then let go of mouse and type.


Thanks for your help. That all makes sense now.