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Hello! New to the community. Hope it can help.

Was a hobbyist user of SketchUp 2017, but something happened with the licence at the same time that SketchUp Web Free came online and forced me into using that. Have come across a simple but frustrating bug -

I can’t access anything in the dimension dialog box (bottom right corner). Not amount of clicking, tabbing, or enter / return smashing will allow me to enter dimensions. I’m using this on a Mac with the most recent version of Chrome. I’ve tried using Safari and have encountered the same problem.

I’d really love to get back to using 2017 and not be reliant on the web but have to find a licence that will let me.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



I gather you are referring to the Measurements window in the lower right corner. You don’t click in it or tab or smash anything. You just type. So if you want to draw a rectangle, start the Rectangle tool. click on the first corner and drag out toward the diagonally opposite corner. Click to drop the second point and then just type the dimensions such as 3,4 where the dimensions are separated by the comma. Then hit Enter. This is no different in SketchUp for Web than in any other version of SketchUp.



Thank you so much for clarifying.



You’re quite welcome. Just as a note, there’s never any reason you should need to click in the Measurements window before entering a value there. That applies to all versions of SketchUp.


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