No dimension window in bottom right corner

there is no dimension window to type moves into. is this normal for the free sketchup?

Are you talking about the free web version? Your profile is confusing. There is no free web version 8.

If you are talking about the free web version, make sure your browser is maximized so the bottom is visible. What browser are you using?

my browser is microsoft edge. shortcut on desktop that I click on , says sketchup 8

SketchUp Free (web) doesn’t automatically create a shortcut on the desktop so this adds more to the confusion. How about showing a screen shot of your SketchUp window?

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not sure I know how to do that

In the Windows search field type the word snipping.

dont know if you can open this or not

OK. We finally have that sorted out. You aren’t using SketchUp Free (web). So please fix your profile.

Unfortunately the screen shot doesn’t show the important parts of the screen. Namely the edges.

Did you try maximizing the SketchUp window to make sure it’s filling the screen correctly?

Why are you using such an ancient version of SketchUp anyway? Since you’re a hobbyist you could be using SketchUp 2017 Make.

this is the first one that I came to. I will try sketchup 2017 make and see what happens. thank you so much for all of your help.

Where did you find it?