How to type in dimensions?


I am new to sketchup, and not sure where to post this. Hopefully I am in the right forum?

Anyway, I drew this rectangle, and want to type in the exact dimension. But I cannot type in the box for some reason.
I don’t have a mouse, am doing this on a laptop, if that makes a difference. I’ve got the rectrangle drawn, and released the left button. so I then try to type in the dimension in the box, nothing happens. I’ve tried not releasing the left button, that does not work at all.
Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, and it’s driving me nuts.
Can anyone tell me how to do this please?


Ignore the box, start drawing a rectangle and release the left button, now type the dimensions in mid air and hit enter. Whatever you type will appear in the box and the rectangle will snap to those sizes.

So, click and release to start rectangle, move cursor in the direction you want, type 3m,5m enter and you will get a 3 meter by 5 meter rectangle. Type 3",5" enter and it will be 3 inches by 5 inches. All keyboard inputs for tools are done in mid air so to speak, start the action and type and finish by hitting enter.


I think using a mouse is necessary for efficient use of SketchUp, especially if you are just learning.


I’m using it on a Mac Book Air, with a trackpad. So far, It’s working for me. It may not be quite as efficient as a mouse, but I haven’t found anything I can’t do. Yet.


There is nothing you can’t do. Just many things that are dramatically more awkward! (I use a MacBook, and encounter this each time I don’t plug in the mouse).


Do you use the Magic Mouse, or a 3-button?


A mouse with a scroll wheel is essential for best use of SketchUp. You can pan, orbit, and zoom using such a mouse without changing the Tool you have active.

I’m using an old Microsoft mouse I had from a previous Windows laptop.


I started with SU 8 on my laptop with just the built in touch pad // left-right click. After two days I had the worst hand cramps in the world!! Wireless scroll wheel investment a necessity and learning the default and assigning hot keys a must…


Thank you, it’s finally working