2017 Make MacOS Typing Dimensions From Keyboard Wonky

So when I am using the tape measure or the shape dimension tool and I start typing a measurement like .25",1.25" the Length Text Box Area will loose focus and then flood fill itself with some other measurement. When I am typing, Sketchup should completely ignore the mouse until I press ENTER or ESCAPE. This bug has made Sketchup totally unusable to me. It’s a blocker. Didn’t anyone test this?

If for some reason it’s lost focus, after enter, retype your size, enter, the tool will correct to the next input, until you start a new tool.

Just to be sure, Don’t click in the measurement box, simply start the action let go of the mouse and type.

This works fine for everyone else so there is an error on your side. either in sequencing, or in hardware. It’s possible your mouse is registering movement even when standing still, but I think Box is on the right track with his questions about your sequence of inputting dimensions.

Start a rectangle, let go of mouse, type 2’,2’ hit return. Does that result correctly?

Hi Endless, Try it with the with the left mouse button still down. It’s like it gets confused between when you are dragging the mouse around and when you are typing the dimensions in.

Don’t hold the button down.

As box said. Click once where you want the shape to start and immediately start typing. If you hold the mouse button down, the system registers the input coming from the mouse.
Another reminder: Your separator characters depend on the regional settings your computer uses. When you are in a region with a dot as the decimal separator, you use the comma as the value separator in the VCB, but in a region with a decimal comma you need to separate the values with a semicolon ;

Indeed, don’t hold the button.
Holding the button is really hard to do while typing with my one free non-dominant hand, how are you even doing that? :wink:

Hi Anssi, I believe this to be a bug, once a user opts to hand-type in dimensions, the system should disregard mouse dragging to update dimensions. That’s the way I believe it worked in the past as I don’t remember having this sort of frustration on prior versions. It’s just this latest update I pulled seemed to contain this wonky behavior. Now I am glad I can alter a shape after I drag it on the plane and release the mouse button by entering new dimensions, this might be a superior way of doing things …but in the past I don’t think I was able to do this and for this reason is why I got used to keeping the mouse down while typing.

That’s a poor procedure because you’ve got two input devices competing. The slightest movement of the mouse will cause that input to take over. Releasing the mouse button before typing the value has always been the correct way to work. Your incorrect process does not make this a bug.

Hi, you can change the way you draw by modifying it in the Preferences > Drawing

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