How do I define an object's dimensions without having to manually draw with the cursor

I found this thread from 2016, but the issue still seems to be the same.

This is wildly intuitive.

I want to be able to select an object, such as an arbitrary rectangle, and then type the dimensions I want it to be some where, such as 200cm x 8cm x 4cm.
The suggestion of typing it in the lower right dimensions does not work it would seem. Is this a subscription feature only?

Start drawing the shape with a click and release and move in the rough direction you want to go, then let go of the mouse and type in mid air 200mm,800mm and hit enter. and you will have a rectangle that size.

Do Not attempt to click in the box bottom right, it is only for display.

I did that and nothing happened, the box did not change size, yet I saw the dimensions were being typed in the lower right.

and did you hit enter?

yes :-\

You’re in Germany I take it, try with ;

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ahh ok i was trying to use X to seperate values, but the comma seemed to work now, danke! :slight_smile:

is it not possible to change dimensions after the object has been defined? Or is the move tool necessary in that case?

You can keep typing in new things and it will change until you have made another action.
You can use the move tool or the scale tool to change things.

Going forward, use the exact same syntax as is already displayed in the Measurements window. As you drag out the rectangle you will see the separator between the two dimensions. When you perform other operations which involve the Measurements window, look at what is displayed before you type.

The Move tool is certainly one good way to adjust existing geometry. The Move tool accepts numeric input in the same fashion as the Rectangle tool, etc. In other words, if you want to move something (such as one edge of a rectangle) by 113.6mm, you can do that exactly, by activating the Move tool, clicking (and releasing) on the edge you want to move, moving the cursor (and selected edge) in the direction you want, then letting go of the mouse and typing a dimension and pressing Enter.

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You can also do it using the scale tool, the difference with the Scale tool you can either scale by a percentage or to an exact size by using the units.
So a cube can be scaled in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions to exact sizes as long as you use the unit when typing, otherwise it will default to a percentage.

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