Change dimension of a block


I created a box and now I want to change one size without the push/pull tool. If I change one measurement all others change too.


You could use the Scale tool although it isn’t appropriate for every dimension change. Or you could select one side of the box and use the Move tool. Why don’t you want to use Push/Pull?


Move tool does’t fit all situations. Like to get two blocks closer to each other. But something very basic is not clear to me, is how to change one dimension of one part of a draw. Just the dimension of the ledge.


You aren’t clearing explaining what your problem is.
Perhaps a screen shot would help us understand.
Maybe this helps.


Let’s start with this. How to change one dimension?


Use the move tool on edges and vertices.


Also this. I want to extend the selected line a bit.


OK I got it. I didn’t find the basic things on any of the video.

When will a series of lines become one block?. Say I want to move the boards apart to 450mm.


Have you made the “block” a component or group? That would be best because it will make all the geometry of the “block” behave as a unit. Then select the component or group and move it the required distance.


Depending on what you mean, there are two possible answers.

Loose geometry attaches automatically when it touches other geometry. So the series of edges that draw a rectangular solid will share their corner vertices and you can’t modify one edge without affecting the ones that share its ends. In that sense they automatically become a “block”. But you can’t move them as a unit without selecting all of them at the same time.

If you mean becoming a single “thing” that you can select with one click and easily move as a unit, that happens only when you select all the entities and make either a Group or a Component from them. That is a manual operation that never happens on its own.