Use push/pull to set total dimension, not change in dimension?



Let’s say I crudely create a room by drawing the shape of the walls and pulling up, without setting the height accurately… I do it by eye. Later, I decide the walls should be exactly 10 high. When I use push/pull I can type the dimension of the change exactly, but I cannot type the overall new dimension… e.g. if it turned out the original wall is 8.12 I have to measure that and pull 1.88.

Is there a tool that allows me to do what I want easily? If not, can someone explain why at a more technical level?


Not in one go. But you can use the Tape Measure tool to create a guideline or guide point at the length or height you want, then push pull to the guide


Thanks John. Do you know why such a seemingly obvious thing isn’t possible? Is it me using the tool wrong, or a technical issue?


It just isn’t designed that way. If you think about it, in a general case, how would the push pull tool know where you wanted to start measuring from?


Yes. It’s you using the wrong tool. Push/Pull just isn’t designed to do that.

Fredoscale’s Box Stretching can do it, though.

Select the walls, start the tool and start stretching in the blue direction. Hit Tab and type the desired height.

It’s also worth considering that eyeballing things in the beginning can just make for more work later on. Even if you don’t know what final height you want for the walls, give them some dimension you know instead of making it random. If you make them 8 instead of 8.12, you don’t have to measure and do a whole lot of math when you later decide you want them to be 10.


I dunno but as a noob it seems to know every other darn thing I’m trying to do! Except when it seems to want to do the exact opposite to what I want… which of course is also user error as I assume 3D modelling is easy because the tool is intuitive for basic things :slight_smile:


Pushpull sometimes does move in the opposite direction to what you expect, if you double click to offset by the same amount as last time.

The Box Stretching tool has to be told what box to stretch. Pushpull only knows about the face you select either to create a solid shape, or the one you want to extend from. If the latter, it has no way of knowing whether that was created by a previous pushpull operation, or where that started from.

You can of course type in the total height the first time you use it on a single face, but not starting from the face that operation creates, since it later has no way of knowing where it originated, and it might anyway have been moved or deleted since.


And let us not forget the native scale tool , where you can give exact dimension(s) by specifically type the measurements including the units .

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