How to use push/pull to move a face to exact dimension (see description)

Hy, Good night everyone!
I have this question, is more regarding to performance work instead of how to do things.
Lets say I just created a cube with random measurements.
Now I would like to define exact dimensions. Example: I want that lenght between two faces is exactly 343cm but it is now 1037cm.
Normally I would just use tape tool, fix it to one face and insert the 343 in the direction I want. Then I would use Push/pull to manually adjust the opposite face to latch to the guideline I just created. Nice.

But I was wondering if it is possible to jump the tape tool part and just use push/pull tool over one face and somehow insert the exact lenght I want between it and the opposite face, in this example 343cm.

Is it possible? Is there another tool that allow me that?
I tried to search, but I got some very old results like 2016, 2018, 2015 but nothing new, soo I was wondering if it is now possible and I missed it.

Thanks for the help

Because the way I use push/pull only allow me to add or substract from what I already have, not set the exact lenght between two opposing faces. For this I would have to go thru the boring and slow process of math to discover the amount I need, but it is then just easier to use the tape tool and define a guideline and etc like I just described above.

Use the Scale tool and enter the desired final dimension(s) including the units.

Or instead why not just model the cube to the desired size in the first place?

Thanks DaveR
I just edited to add info in the main post.
I will try the scale tool, but honestly I am strugling a bit with it. I wondered if it was possible to do the way I described with push/pull but I was missing how to do it.
About modeling it in the beggining, because that is just an example, It could be an object already in development that just have a measurement wrong for God know why. Also because if I am making it from start, well, I get all confused by the how I need to enter the numbers, which order to which axis and I lose more time sorting it out then just creating a random cube and then using the procedure I described, because it is more visual and I am a visual guy (that is why I love sketchup). :slight_smile:

Push pull is relative to the original position of the face. There’s no way to make it relative to something else. But with move you can input an absolute position by entering it as [x,y,z]. If your locale uses , as decimal point, you need to use ; as the separator.

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