Push/Pull from different reference

Hope I can make this make sense.

Could not find this topic under several search criteria so my apologies if this is a redundant question.

If I have a cube say 4x4x4 and wish to pull one side to 6, I know I can grab the face, begin pull and type 2.

I know I can also use the measuring tool, measure out to 6 from the opposite face and set a guide point. This is OK only now I have to delete it later. 2 extra steps.

Can I grab the face and somehow choose a different starting reference for the measurement such as the opposite face and type 6 to get the same results as above?


You could perhaps use some existing geometry as a reference to pull to but you can’t use the opposite face as you ask. You might be able to use the Scale tool. On your simple cube example that would work. You could start the scaling operation and type 6" (or whatever the units are) and hit Enter. This probably wouldn’t be appropriate the shape is more complex. Fredoscale would be another option that might do the job for you depending upon the exact circumstance. If you know the distance the face needs to move, though, perhaps it’s most direct to use Push/Pull.

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