How can you decrease the length or width on an existing object

How can you change the length or width of an existing board in a woodworking drawing

The exact answer depends a lot on the board. It might be that Push/Pull would do the job or maybe Scale. If it’s a board with some sort of details such as tenons on the ends, however, Scale won’t be appropriate because it’ll change the length of the tenon. In that case, the Move tool would be the tool to use. Could you give some specific example of what you have in mind?


I am really new to Sketchup, but am very computer literate. However, this program has an unusual interface and I search for answers on the Sketchup Knowledge Base to no avail. Is there a good book with an index that will help me shorten the learning curve on Sketchup (Move)?

As an example, I have an insert in a cabinet door that I am trying to make shorter, but it just keeps moving around on me not lengthening or shortening when using Push/Pull tool. I tried scale, but it did as you mentioned, id does what it says, it scales an object scale not just changing a single dimension.

For example I have 2 face-frame stiles that I am trying to place a rail between. I can’t get the push pull to work. Is there any way so select the face of the boards end and type a dimension in the measurement bit.

I may have some lines or faces that are incomplete or not included in my group.



How about if you share the SketchUp file with me and I’ll show you live how to handle the changes you want to make?

Either share the SKP file in a post here or send me a private message by clicking on my name at the top of this post. You might need another post under your belt before you can send me a private message.