Change size of Object



Hello, I hope someone will be able to direct me in the right directions…

After creating a drawing, I realized that I needed to change the size of some panels in the design. I would like to avoid having to redesign everything and instead resize the objets that need to be resized,
My question is, is it possible to resize the dimension of an object after the fact?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated


Yes. It’s possible. Exactly how depends on exactly what you drew and how you drew it. Share the SKP file and we can give you direct help.

Please complete your profile to include the SketchUp version and license type you are using. That information is helpful in answering your questions.


Thank you for your prompt response. I am using the free version of Sketchup 2017 on a PC. I created a cabinet box and after working on this box I thought I should have used larger dimensions. I tried to do this I noticed that I could not use the Dimensions box to resize the side panels of my cabinet.
That’s why I asked for help. Analyzing the various I decided I should use the Push/Pull tool. This solved my issue.
There might have been a better solution, but I am happy I was able to come out with my own solution.
Thank you for your help anyway :grinning::grinning::grinning:!!!


A common misunderstanding. The measurements box (aka VCB) takes input while you are initially drawing but cannot change dimensions later. For that you have to use other tools.


Well, as long was you got it to work, that’s the important thing.