Resize an object in free web sketchup

There is a small box in the lower right that tells me the size of an object (say, a rectangle) that I have created. In the instructional videos I have watched, I should be able to edit the size of the object (let’s say I created a 4x4x10’ object, and want to make it a 2x4x10’ object) by typing the new dimensions into the box in the lower right of the screen.

But for some reason that is not an editable field even when the object I want to resize is selected. What am I doing wrong?

You don’t select the box. As soon as you have drawn something, and now want it to be an exact size, type the size you want, and press Return.

For example, if you want a 10 foot wide, 7 feet deep rectangle, you would draw a rectangle of any size, then immediately type: 10’,7’ Return.

It will then become the size you typed. If you change your mind, and you haven’t done any other actions, you could type a different size, until you’re happy with it.


Just gave that a try. I see that I don’t even need to go to the box in the lower right but can just start typing numbers. Cool. Thanks.

Now I just gotta learn how to do that with the third dimension of an object… :wink:

If the object is already 3d you can use the scale tool and type in the 3 dimensions as long as you use the unit. It defaults to percentage. So a 2’ cube can be resized with scale by pulling one handle, let go and type 4’,36",.356m and hit enter. and that’s what you’ll get, mixing units is no problem.

Cool. Thanks. I’ll look up the Scale Tool.