Impossible to resize

I cannot manually enter dimensions in the window.

What exactly are you trying to do? Don’t click in the Meaurements window.

And you can’t change the dimensions of something after it has been drawn by typing in the Measurements window.

In SketchUp you resize something either using the scale tool or by moving relevant geometry (it will pull attached edges along), not by typing in a new size.

You can also resize using the tape tool. Measure something with it and then type the desired length and validate with enter.
Beware as it will resize the whole context, active group or component.

but how to create an object with the required dimensions?
in previous versions, the required dimensions could be inserted in the Measurements window.

Start the rectangle by single click and move in the direction you want, then let go of the mouse and, without trying to click in the box, type the sizes you want separated by the correct divider according to your regional settings, (Usually a , or ; ) then press enter.


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thank you very much! I made it

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