Can't resize a simple rectangle

Hello, the programm is so far ok, but I hate it to draw each line with the mouse, I don’t find a way to enter a manual length with the keyboard.
Do I miss something or is this intended?

Thanks for your help

Click the start point of the edge, move the mouse or press arrow key to set the direction then let go of the mouse and type the desired length. Do not click in the measurements window; that is never needed in SketchUp.


Illustrating what @slbaumgartner described.

Watch the measurements box in the lower right corner as you drag out the rectangle. It will guide you in the order you should enter the dimensions. Also look at the separator. It’ll be a comma or semicolon depending on what you use for a decimal separator.

Same principle for rectangles… Don’t resize them but draw them to the desired dimensions from the start. Click the start point of the rectangle, move the mouse in the desired direction and type the dimensions sepparated by a , or ; (this is dependant on your country settings) but you can see which one you need to use by looking in the measurement window while drawing a rectangle…

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And offcourse @DaveR beat me to it! He can type an explanation and make a video about it in less time then I need to just type… :slight_smile:

Everyone has given you the answer to the text in your post, but your thread title is slightly different to what you asked.
Yes, you can resize a rectangle by using the scale tool and typing the dimensions you want including the Unit.
Web Scale


Good catch @Box, maybe that’s what he is after…

I’m sure its a mixture of both, basic fundamentals that need to be learned.


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