Problems with dimensions

When I type in a dimension such as 86" , 3/4" it doesn’t change the rectangle to my desired dimensions. How to I correct this?

Once the rectangle is drawn to a given dimension, resizing it can be done by moving edges or by scaling depending on what is appropriate. You can’t just select the rectangle and type new dimensions for it.

But when you originally create it, you can type in the dimensions. It is supposed to resize it according to what you type. It doesn’t do that for me.

When you drag out a rectangle initially, you should be able to type the dimension, for example 86,3/4 and it should make a rectangle that size. Unless you use a comma as a decimal separator in which case you would use a semicolon between the dimensions.

You aren’t, by any chance, clicking in the Measurements box before typing the dimension are you? If you are, that would explain why it isn’t working. Start dragging out the rectangle, let go of the mouse and type the dimension and hit Enter.