I cannot change dimensions after drawing a rectangle

I have no idea, but all of a sudden it just does not work anymore. I draw a rectangle, then I type in measurements, e.g. 14",48" and hit enter. And then nothing happens. Just… nothing.

To make sure I do that right here in great detail what I am doing:

I left click the “Rectangle Button”
I left click the starting point.
I left click the end point.
Using the number keys on my keyboard I type 14",48"
then I hit enter
Then I let out an increasingly frustrated grunt.
My bloodpressure then slightly rises.

Rinse and Repeat.

What happens if you leave out the " ? Just type 14,48 and hit Enter. Or what if you type 14;48? (semi colon instead of comma for the separator.) What if you don’t click the second corner. Just drag out from the first click, let go of the mouse and type.

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Hm, when I leave out the " it does change size. It does so too when I did not click the second corner. Using a semi-colon also changes the size even if use the ".

Weird. I swear like 10 minutes ago I could type 14",48" and it would change the size. Now I need to use semi-colon…

Thanks for your help!

What character do you use for a decimal separator? If you use a comma, then you’d use a semi colon for the separator between dimensions.

On my machine I use comma for decimal separator, so that makes sense. Except until 10 minutes ago it worked.

(I’m 99% sure)

Try checking your units of measure under Window > Model Info > Units. Maybe they’re too small for you to see the change take effect.

That won’t have anything to do with what is used as a decimal separator by the operating system or what character is used to separate the dimension values entered with the rectangle tool. As you can see by reading the thread, the OP needs to use a comma as a decimal separator which means the semi colon must be used between dimensions in the Measurements window.

Do not click the end point, if you are going to specify it in the VCB. Just move in the direction that that opposite vertex will be, let go of the mouse and type the dimensions you want.

EDIT,… oh I see Dave said this already (late to the party.)

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