Dimensions not working

Hello! When using the rectangle tool, i first clic on a point then move the mouse in the direction I want, then type the first measure, a come, then the second mesure. Only, the program will only use the first one I entered and use the cursor position to set the second measure.

Am I doing something wrong or how can I fix this?

First, drag out a rectangle and look closely at the dimensions displayed in the Measurements window. Are they separated by a comma or a semicolon? Use the same separator.

Make sure you are not adding a space after the separator and that you are not clicking in the Measurements window.


Thank you! I don’t know how or why it changed but it did. I’ve been using the coma since the beginning and now its a semicolon.

You probably need to use a semicolon between the two numbers.
Draw a rectangle and look what separator is used in the little box bottom-right on your screen.
it’s either a comma or a semicolon depending on your computers language settings.

Edit: Dave beat me to it…
Most likely your computers language or keyboard settings have changed…

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Sounds like you changed your computer’s localization. Note also that the decimal separator for decimal numbers will use a comma instead of a period.

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