Rectangle tools doesn't work anymore. Bug or settings?

I have a problem where rectangle tool stopped working correctly. I start the rectangle drawing with the curser, then enter the dimensions manually and press enter. Usually that creates the rectangle I needed.

Now it creates a rectangle with the wrong lenght (curser placement dictactes the length created) and width is slightly off.

Made this screencapture which probably shows it better.

Is this a bug or have I flicked on some annoying feature screwing things up?

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On your keyboard, the comma is a decimal separator, and you must use the semicolon ; as the coordinates separator. When you type 300,100 Sketchup correctly interprets that as 300,1 mm.

The settings that affect this are in your computer’s regional settings. With an English/American keyboard, you use the point and comma, with European keyboards you use the comma and semicolon.


You are a life saver, thanks so much! What is really weird is that I used to use comma and not semi-colon on this very laptop. Must have altered some regional settings somewhere. Anyways, back on track!