Rectangle: problem entering measurements (Canadian keyboard)


I just install Sketchup Make after watching few video about it this afternoon.

First thing I try to draw is rectangle (square) 100’ by 100’, like show in tutorial and as explain, I select the rectangle tool, start to drag a form, type 100’,100’ and hit Enter, but i don’t end up with an square, but with the follow rectangle.

I drag a few more, but still the same problem, the only difference is I don’t always have 32’, this length sometime change.

Try differents size, but still can’t have a square

Any idea ?

Try typing 100’;100’ instead. use ; instead of , between the numbers. What happens then?

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Fantastic ! it work with “;”

Thank Dave :slight_smile:


It’s due to the way your computer/keyboard is set up. You’ll use the , as a decimal separator instead the period ( . ) too.

is that european keyboard thing?

Yes. Or at least not a US thing.

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Canadian Keyboard thing ! and yes my computer use the comma as a decimal separator instead the period. (Ex. Excel).

I never thought to try the " ; ". Thank again

Nor a UK thing. :slight_smile:

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