Not able to set dimensions of square

I’m on Ubuntu Linux 16.04, this happens both in Firefox 49 and Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 (64-bit). I could do all of this earlier this week, so it seems like a regression.

  1. select the rectangle tool
  2. click to start the rectangle
  3. try to enter 14",48" (I’m doing tutorial number 4 from
  4. the moment I enter the ‘,’ things seem to go wrong, I cannot continue to enter 48".

Other than that: I’m entirely new to sketchup, having it running on Linux and using it for the first time blows me away, it’s great!

Where are you and what language is your keyboard set for? Do you use a comma as a decimal separator? Try using semi colon (:wink: instead of comma ( ,) as the separator between the dimensions. And what happens if you omit the quote mark ( " ) ?

I’m in Belgium and use the English (international AltGr dead keys) keyboard layout (hardware is a qwerty keyboard). This is a Linux-only layout I think.

I experimented some more, and things go wrong the moment I use the double quote character: ". I’m able to enter feet (so ') without an issue.

I wouldn’t be using feet and inches if it wasn’t for the tutorial though, I use the metric system natively and that does works. :slight_smile:

(to clarify: a different separator doesn’t matter, things go wrong before the separator)

So if you omit the units altogether, does it work?

Yes, omitting them works. Are inches the default?

Yes. Inches are the default.

Ok, I’ll work around it like that. Thanks for the incredibly quick responses. :slight_smile:

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When you type a decimal number would you use
1.234 or 1,234
I think in Belgium you’d use the comma rather than the full-stop [aka ‘period’ in the USA] as the decimal point.

As Dave says the convention in the USA,UK etc is
where the separator of the two number is a comma, since the numbers contain a full-stop.

In most of Europe it’s
where the separator of the two numbers is a semi-colon, to allow the use of the comma in the number.

Also be aware that on PCs with an extended keyboard SketchUp does not read the full-stop on the number-pad as a comma if the user’s locale expects it, you must use the comma on the main key-set.