Typing in the size of a rectangle

I’m having an issue with Sketchup see if you know the answer. I hit “R” to draw a rectangle. Type in the dimensions I want for, example “20x20” then I hit enter. Nothing happens, I now have to draw out four lines to make a box. I uninstalled a reinstall SketchUp I get the same results. Any clue what setting is messed up?

Pay attention to the way the dimensions are displayed in the Measurements window and use the same format. Typically it would be 20,20 not 20x20. Also make sure you are not clicking in the Measurements window. There’s never any need to do that.


Uninstalling and reinstalling won’t change this.

@DaveR has already given you the answer. NO setting is messed up. You are typing the dimensions wrongly.

The separator between the length and width is a comma (if you are in most English Language regions like USA, UK, Australia or NZ) or semicolon in most other places. So either 20,20 or 20;20.

NOT 20x20.