Typing manual dimensions not working

Hi there, i’m completely new to sketchup, i’m going through the tutorial videos and am stuck at the make a rectangle portion.
the video clearly describes how to start drawing a rectangle by clicking once and then to input dimensions manually, in the case of the video it’s 12’,30’
That’s easy enough to follow but as i do this and press enter i get a random box, sometimes a square, sometimes exactly to where my mouse is pointed and depending on my current camera angle something completely different.

Is this normal? I’ve been sifting through google and the forums for the past hour and can’t find anything that matches what im going through.
Could it be the template i’ve selected, or does it matter that my unit types are set to mm, as far as the video is concerned it overrides the global settings when you manually input a measurement.

In fact, i can’t even enter a metric unit like 5m,3m, it does nothing, nor can i input inches like 12’4",30’2"
I restarted my pc and started a new template all together and exactly the same random rectangle result.
I am dragging the rectangle to whatever direction it makes no difference

What you type depends on your local regional Windows settings. If you are using a comma as your decimal separator, you use a semicolon ; instead of a comma to separate the input values in the SketchUp VCB.

Wow… I feel like such a tool, i’ve tried every combination of everything except for that…
Thank you so much for pointing out the obvious.
I hope this helps somebody else googling this user error

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