Can’t even make a rectangle

I am very frustrated. I have watched about 20 YouTube tutorials on Sketchup. I’m using Make 2017 on a Mac. Some times everything is fine, however most of the times I start a project I am unable to even make a rectangle with the correct dimensions.

Now for example I am trying to make one with the dimensions 148x19 millimeters. I have Model Info set to millimeter. If I draw the shape and then enter the numbers, the rectangle usually pops to something else that isn’t evn close. Some random shape. No matter what axis. I can see the dimensions entered correctly down in the corner. But the actual shape can be 20 times longer. If I draw a manual rectangle and carefully pull it to the correct dimensions and then measure it with the tape measure, one size will always be 148.2 millimeters instead of 148.

Restarting or using a different template doesn’t help. Have I envoked some bizarre custom setting? The day before yesterday it was like this. Then yesterday I had some problems and then after many attempts it suddenly worked. I continued to draw a nice woodworking dovetail joint. Today again I am unable to make a basic rectangle.

In menu Window→Model Info→Units→set units to mm (decimal / precision say 0,000001) and turn off 'Length snapping’
Save these setting in your own template.
See if your field separator is ; or ,
This is important when entering more than one value (x and y for rectangles).

You aren’t clicking in the Measurements window before you start to type the dimensions are you? If you are, don’t do it.

If your decimal separator is ‘,’ and you type ‘148,19’ the comma is taken as the decimal separator and you’ve only specified one size of the rectangle. So one side of your rectangle will be 148,19mm which is the 148.2mm that you’re seeing. The other side is unchanged from where you set it with the mouse.

When you draw a rectangle with the mouse, look at what’s in the VCB box at the bottom right. If it says something like ‘3162,9mm;7035,1mm’ then that’s the way you have to type it. If your unit is set to mm, you don’t have to type the ‘mm’, just type ‘148;19’.

If you don’t like the decimal separator being ‘,’ you can change it System Preferences -> Language & Region. Either choose a different region or click ‘Advanced’ and choose to just change the decimal separator. Restart SketchUp after doing this so it reads the new settings.

You can click in the VCB box on the Mac if you want and edit the sizes, but it’s not necessary.


Wow, that was it! I need to use a semicolon and not a comma because of my regional settings. I would have probably never noticed that myself, thank you! I was so focused on following the instructions to the letter.

I’m not sure that I should change regional settings on my computer for decimal points, as it is how we write the numbers here. Opposite from English. Could cause confusion in other situations. So I guess I have to live with typing one key more, – the shift key, every time I enter a number. I can live with that.

A big thank you to all of you for helpful suggestions! :slight_smile:

It’s always a good idea to pay attention to what is displayed in the Measurements window when you are doing something like dragging out a rectangle. Use the same format when entering the dimensions.