How to change a dimension

I am new to SketchUp and I’m trying to create a drawing. I have it dimensioned, but how do I go about changing a dimension after I have it set? I looked through the tutorials and couldn’t find anything. I am used to using SolidWorks, where all I had to do is type in a new value for the dimension and it would automatically revise the drawing.

How exactly did you make this dimensioned drawing? Did you use groups, components or is it just raw geometry?

Depending on how this drawing looks, how you created it and what kind of dimensions you want to modify, you will be able to use Move, Scale or maybe it is easier to redraw it correctly from 0.

First, learn the basics of SketchUp at

What version of SU are you using?

“Free plan” could mean the Free web version you open in your browser.

But it might also mean you are using the trial period of SU Pro or Studio.

As you have found, you cannot change the size of an object in SketchUp by trying to alter the dimension value.

You can only do that by editing the drawing itself.

Depending on which version of SU you are using, web, iPad or desktop, the appearance of the tools you can use to edit the drawing will differ. And depending on what it is you are trying to edit, the approach may be different too, requiring different tools.

Upload your model to the forum here so we can see what you are trying to change. If the file size is more than 16Mb, upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive, or WeTransfer and post a link here. Make the model shareable and editable by others.

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And as noted in an earlier response, watch the tutorial videos at, and also on the Sketchup Youtube channel.