Resizing Objects

Good afternoon, I have created an object that is made up of two objects via grouping and I made the entire structure 3’10” too long. How can I reduce the overall length by a specific measurement?

Thank you

It depends upon exactly what needs resizing. You could use the Measuring tape and measure between two points, then type the desired dimension and press Enter. That would scale the entire model. Or you might use the Scale tool or the Move tool. It really depends on what dimensions need to change and which need to remain unchanged. Sometimes it makes more sense to start over and model the objects at the correct dimensions. That might be easier and faster than resizing incorrectly modeled geometry.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I am very new and teaching myself so I have many frustrations. I start over regularly🫠

I was just hoping there was a universal way to reduce one side of an object once you added shapes etc. Doesn’t look like it.

There isn’t just one universal way to do that. Again, it depends on exactly what needs to be resized and what doesn’t as well as exactly how you’ve created the object.