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I have used sketchup quite a lot in the past and this has never been an issue, I have not changed versions or preferences or anything!
I create a new drawing. I click line or rectangle tool. I draw whatever size rectangle or line. I click dimension tool, I select the line I want to use, I click and drag out to show current dimension, I double click the number of the dimension I just brought out, I change to 2’ or 24". I press enter. The dimension shows 2’ or 24". The line is not shorter or longer. I check with measuring tape and the line is the same length. It’s such a simple problem, but I’m trying to draft up a plan for my project and I’m stalled up now. Can someone help me? Thanks!


Can you please clarify what you are trying to achieve? If you are trying to change the length of the line using the dimension tool, that is not possible, as far as I am aware. The dimension tool will show the real length of the line you have drawn until you double-click and change that number, in which case the line stays the same length, but SketchUp shows the new number because you told it to.


Immediately after type in required dimensions and hit enter, no dimension tool required.(rectangle)


You must be remembering incorrectly because it has never been possible in SketchUp to change the length of an edge by editing the dimension text as you describe. The behavior you are seeing is normal.

You can draw the rectangle at the desired size by typing the dimensions in the measurements box. You can resize the rectangle using the Move or Scale tools.


You can change dimensions by changing the geometry, not the other way around.

If you change the value of a dimension, it becomes plain text, not associated with the geometry.
You can change the value by text plus value by typing the desired text and including <> somewhere in the text. The <> will be replaced by the actual value that you dimension.

So replacing say 2" by:
this side is <> in length
results in
this side is 2" in length

Now the 2" changes if you change the geometry.


This is what I was trying to say, when I said:

I’m terrible at explaining; good thing other people on this community aren’t. :smiley:


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