Change line length or panel area in sketchup free?

I’m sure it’s been beaten to death, this topic, but I’m not really sure why it’s so difficult to change the dimensions of a line in sketchup free (web). On all tutorials I’ve seen they just type the line length in. The problem I’m having is the web one doesn’t work like that!
How do you just type in dimensions for a line or a wall and have it change them. Area and length are viewable, on the entity info but not editable.
Clicking on ‘Measurements’ does not actually do anything, neither does selecting a line and just attempting to start typing.

Sketchup is not a parametric modeller in the sense that you don’t click on things and tell them what size to be. You tell them what size to be as you create them.
A rectangle for example, you start to draw one in the direction you want, then you can let go of the mouse and type the two dimension separated by a , (or ; depending on your regional settings) then hit enter and the rectangle will be made that size. At no time do you click in the measurements box.
To change the size of a rectangle you can select one edge and move it a specific distance using the same method, start to move then type and finish with enter.
A single edge can be lengthened by moving the endpoint, this is done with nothing selected, using the move tool click on the very end of the line and move it, again you can type in a distance to move.
The scale tool will accept specific dimensions, so a rectangle can be set to a pair of dimensions by pulling one corner then typing the size you want with the comma and the units.


That’s really succinctly put, thank you.

You’re welcome.