Enter dimensions

How do I enter dimension ?

I’ve tried highlighting a line and enter measurement.

Does not work, Firefox nor Safari !!

Start drawing a line, then type in, say, 1’.

…and if the line already exist ?

Add on to the end of it.

I want to change the measure not create a new…

I’m having a look. One moment.

Extend it as I showed here,

then Weld Edges.

Use the move tool to move the endpoint.


Or change the length in Entity Info.

In general you should be modeling to correct dimensions as you go, drawing lines and shapes of the correct size by typing in dimensions of each object when you first model them. Of course designing anything is an iterative process and there will be changes needed. How to change the shape of an existing object depends greatly on the object. Different tools for different situations. For a single line, it’s often easiest to simply erase it and draw again, typing in the correct dimensions. You can also select the line and look in entity info, where you can change the dimensions.

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… cannot change in entity info ?


thanks for your reply, correct but changing one lines length should not be complicated.

does not give me the option to put in new total length…

thanks, know guides exists but it does not work as expected…

Your replies explain why I haven’t bothered replying to posts like yours lately.

… got this to work for a line, but not a side on a rectangle ?

Different situation, different solution. A rectangle is generally adjusted with the scale tool, or the move tool, depending on what you want to accomplish.

Go to the campus link that Box posted and do the courses, you will learn how to use sketchup much faster than asking individual questions.

Please go to Reddit if you want to vent your frustrations !!

Something is not working as expected, If you have no intention to help please do not reply !

Scale will give me the option to scale, not enter new measurements.

If a simple question cannot be answered by the experts in this forum, something is off…

In any drawing software it should be simple to just change a measurement on an already drawn line, being a side on a figure, a circle.

Suspect it’s a browser problem, it can possible be this complicated !