Dimension settings

Hi, I would like to have my dimensions with black lines and fonts. But they’re always shown grey and I have to change the colours of each one. Is there a way of changing a setting to make them black as I draw them?

This is in LayOut? Select the Dimension tool and then in the Dimensions panel, you can select the color of the the Tex. The color of the dimension arrow and extension lines is set in Shape Style.

You can adjust these settings in a new file and save as a template to use for future projects.

If you are referring dimensions in SketchUp, the color is set in Model Info>Dimensions.

Yes, I’m referring to layout. But there’re no colour options shown in the dimension panel

Sorry. On my phone. Adjust the color of the text in Fonts.

fonts are already black

So what do you want to change the color of?

I would like to change the default colour of the dimension lines and fonts

As I already wrote, the dimension text color gets edited in the Fonts panel and the arrows and extension lines get edited in Shape Style. If you are changing existing dimensions, you need to have those dimensions selected. If you are making the settings for dimensions going forward, you need to select the Dimension tool first so LayOut knows what kind of entities you are changing.

If you want to change the defaults for your template, make the changes and then use File>Save as template to create a new template.

got it, thank you!