What are my extension lines doing?


I have quite a bit problems adding dimensions.
One problem is around extension lines. They are behaving strange, sometimes they seem to flip around while pulling a dimension away from the measured stretch.
After placing the dimension, the extension lines seem partly out of the dimension-group when the dimension is clicked again for modification:

How to avoid unneeded extension lines?
Can't see dimension connection points

The part of the extension line that goes past the dimension line is controlled by the “arrowhead size” setting in the Shape style inspector. That’s why it’s not separately controllable by the mouse. To change this setting on the individual extension lines:

  1. Double-click on the dimension
  2. Single-click on the extension line you want to edit so that it’s highlighted.
  3. Change the arrowhead size in the shape style inspector.

In your video, the dimension tool is also trying to apply a very large offset between the point where the dimension connects to the model, and the end of the extension line. That’s why the extension line appears to be flipping around. To fix the dimension tool defaults:

  1. Make a dimension the way you want it to look.
  2. Use the “Sample” tool to sample the style from that dimension. This will automatically set the default style in the dimension tool



Thanks Marc.
I got this solved.
But i have to say, this is another of quite a few things about dimensions that don’t feel very intuitive to me.
It took me a while to understand the 3 different start- and end-arrows without end-symbols (same- shorter- longer- than the actual point)… That dropdown could be clearer, maybe with a colored dot or line to show where the Start/End- point is…
I mean, the radio-buttons for stroke Style do just that.

Also, it’s really surprising that the end of the extension-line is not actually a line, but an end-arrow looking like a line…
Especially as this is the default setting… So many users won’t ever realize that extension-lines can (ah no, DO), have arrows.
From a programmer’s logic it’s totally clear and makes sense. But from a user-perspective, it’s not obious at all…