Dimensioning in layout, extended lines

Hi there,
is it possible to change the extension of dimensioning lines?
I want it to be less…


I think you’re referring to the part of the extension line that extends past the dimension line, so…

Click into the dimension until you can select just the extension line itself:

Under the Shape Style panel, change the size of the End Arrow:

You’ll have to do this for both extension lines.

Thanks for your answers, but no, I mean the opposite part:

For me it is too long. If you look in dimensioning from Autocad or Rhino,
it is more decent…

OK, Sorry,

now I got it. Quite complicated sometimes. Is there a possibility to save dimensioning styles?
Or should I have a legend outside of the paperspace, where I could put dimensioning styles?
But thanks, now it works!

Create your own template with the Dimension Style, Font, etc. already set up. Add the other stuff you need like paper size, layers, title block, page borders, auto-text, etc.

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You want to change the “Gap” part of the Dimension Style to “Length”. Then the extension lines follow the dimension line, not the point in the model